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You have your own motor carrier authority. Let our professionals do the dispatch part of business for you.

Soloymi Dispatch Services is a well known, experienced and very organized company that provides dispatch services for trucking companies. Over 5 years of successful work in dispatching trucks all kind. We work with Dry Vans, Flatbeds and Reefers. Our dispatchers will find the best possible load at the time considering economy, supply, demand, fuel prices and many other factors. We try to keep our service prices down and affordable without affecting the quality. Our dispatchers will have plenty of time to find the best load for your truck as one dispatcher will not have more than 5 trucks per day to cover. We will talk to your drivers and determine which routes are they suitable in and include that in our decision when getting loads. We search for freight on all major loadboards and have many broker associates.

Actual rates taken

02/2014 Columbus OH to Atlanta GA (573miles) - $3000
02/2014 Pleasant Prairie WI to Tipp CIty OH (367 miles) - $1600
02/2014 Hebron KY to Breingsville PA (562 miles) - $2600
02/2014 Davenport IA to Shippensburg PA (787 miles) - $3500
02/2014 Allentown PA to Crockett KY (558 miles) - $2500
02/2014 Batavia OH to Warwick RI (811 miles) - $3500
02/2014 Plattsburgh NY to Grove City OH (747 miles) - $2600
02/2014 Sidney OH to Lewiston ME (943 miles) - $3900
02/2014 Milbank SD to Cleveland TN (1200 miles) - $4000
02/2014 Fremont OH to Fairburn GA (684 miles) - $2800


Nov - $2.05
Dec - $2.15
Jan - $2.50
Dry Van:
Nov - $2.13
Dec - $2.44
Jan - $2.60